First year of grad school in Physics recap:

7 months in, 2 more to go; But I'm close to a mental breakdown.

Have been studying full time since it started in the fall, but it is not sustainable anymore. My whole life is an animated anxiety and tiredness manifested in the body of a human being.

By full-time studying I mean I'm in the office almost every day until late at nigh (~9-10 pm), I'm there almost all of the weekends, and I've been in there during both of the previous breaks. I'm finding literally no time for my research group, and the responsibly that I have accepted.


I have talked with my advisor about it recently and he understands, but I still feel so bad, especially that our colleagues are not physicists and have completely different experience of grad school and studying.

It's so exciting that I'm learning the things that I love, but the program has such a pressure that sometimes I do not find the time to even concentrate on what I'm studying. It's all following deadlines after deadlines with no gap in between for understanding.
I must continue and it will be done in 2 months (5 months considering the evil comprehensive exam), but I'm not sure if my mind and my body can tolerate that much of omnipresent pressure anymore.


Wishing you well as you work through these academic difficulties

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