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By full-time studying I mean I'm in the office almost every day until late at nigh (~9-10 pm), I'm there almost all of the weekends, and I've been in there during both of the previous breaks. I'm finding literally no time for my research group, and the responsibly that I have accepted.

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First year of grad school in Physics recap:

7 months in, 2 more to go; But I'm close to a mental breakdown.

Have been studying full time since it started in the fall, but it is not sustainable anymore. My whole life is an animated anxiety and tiredness manifested in the body of a human being.

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Dropping by to share a new statement from Particles for Justice against authoritarian attacks on minorities -- please share widely!


I'm a first-year Physics grad student at UC Riverside. So, it's all courses, homework, and ranting rn. :)

I'm interested in using ML/data analysis in Gravitational Physics and Cosmology, love statistics, and have some experience looking for in timing data. For my PhD at UCR, I will use ML to study some of the LIGO instrument noises.

I love fiction, Linux, Tolkien, Running, and learning almost anything. I also run my own Mastodon instance.


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