I'm a first-year Physics grad student at UC Riverside. So, it's all courses, homework, and ranting rn. :)

I'm interested in using ML/data analysis in Gravitational Physics and Cosmology, love statistics, and have some experience looking for in timing data. For my PhD at UCR, I will use ML to study some of the LIGO instrument noises.

I love fiction, Linux, Tolkien, Running, and learning almost anything. I also run my own Mastodon instance.


Hi! Curious if you installed the Mastodon instance on your own server or whether you're using a managed service like masto.host. Either way, any reference materials you found helpful?


Hi, I use DigitalOcean's lowest-end VPS (they offer droplets with Mastodon preinstalled + 2 months of free usage for new users), but installing it from scratch is not difficult too. The original Mastodon documentation is what I suggest starting with. Let me know if there is anything I can help with.

- DO with Mastodon preinstalled:

- If you want to install from scratch:

- Mastodon's Docs:

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